The biggest advantage is damp prevention. Because it prevents moisture from moving from the outer to the inner wall, a cavity wall will essentially prevent damp.

Cavity walls provide better heat insulation. The hollow space is filled with air, and we know air is a bad conductor of heat. This way, cavity walls decrease heat transmission, in the same way, they prevent moisture transmission. Cavity walls make it easier to maintain a uniform temperature in the building.

In addition to better heat insulation, cavity walls also provide better sound insulation. Because sound waves travel slower in the air, the cavity wall reduces the external noise.

No dampness, no moisture, also means no mould. The main reason for mould is condensation, and cavity walls, and cavity wall insulation can help prevent that.

When insulated, cavity walls vastly improve the thermal efficiency of your home. Homeowners with insulated cavity walls save more in energy consumption. Loss of heat is vastly reduced, and the temperature inside is warmer.

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Cavity Wall Insulation

Lapolla's cavity wall foam has a proven track record of providing structural stabilization and thermal insulation benefits to both domestic and commercial properties across the United Kingdom.

Lapolla's closed cell polyurethane cavity wall insulation foam which is injected into the cavity of the property.


Whilst this is usually done externally it is possible for the work to take place internally when the property is undergoing internal refurbishment.


It improves the thermal values of the property and, by adhering the inner and outer leaves together provides structural stability which can eradicate the need for costly wall tie replacement work where they have corroded or failed.

Protect, Preserve, Performance

Lapolla has been used to provide cost effective cavity wall insulation for many different properties across the United Kingdom.


It has helped many homeowners, private landlords, housing associations, councils and businesses to achieve their aims whether that be lower fuel bills, structural stability, reduced carbon emissions or the need to provide insulation in areas subject to wind driven rain or prone to flooding.

As we are Lapolla approved contractors we ensure that our cavity wall foam is only installed to the highest levels, to ensure a professional job everytime.

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