Lapolla & Protec making a difference

Did you know a single 55-gallon drum of Lapolla’s closed-cell spray foam insulation uses over 2,500 post consumer-recycled plastic bottles?

Before we go any further, let’s first describe what post consumer recycled content is.

Post-consumer content is made from content already used by a consumer and diverted from landfills.


Pre-consumer recycled content are items never touched by a consumer. Which is better?


Post-consumer recycling is the more popular industry practice for creating products for consumers. Buying habits of consumers tend to also lean t0ward post-recycled content because these products are less likely to end up on a landfill after use.

An average home sprayed with Lapolla’s closed-cell spray foam insulation will prevent over 10,000 plastic bottles from going into your local landfill.


Imagine your positive impact on the environment just by choosing Lapolla spray foam insulation for your home.